Automatic mental judgment system

Mental Checker

A software to judge your mental status at this moment

What is Mental Checker?

The most suitable for stress checking – a compulsory task for companies

  • 1. Be able to automatically judge mental status by measurement within only one minute
  • 2. Be a contactless measurement system
  • 3. Be able to analyze and compare changes in mental status by period measurement
  • 4. Have ability to predict future's disease based on research with health agencies
  • 5. Be not only used for pilots, drivers but also effective for preventing other troubles of companies, schools, etc.

Mental-Checker measurement method and result table

Mental Checker principle

Utilize the principle of DEFENDER-X (as an analysis system based on an over-200-pattern data taken from an over 100,000-participant human experiment which is conducted within military development process in a long term) to check mental status by 10 parameters.

System Square Corporation is a distributor of Mental Checker

Output information of measurement result

Relation between mental status and disease

Alzheimer's disease

Parkinson's disease

Major depressive disorder

Panic disorder

System Square Corporation is a distributor of Mental Checker