System operation management

Advanced system operation management

Our professional engineers are availables to fully support your important system.

We promise you high integrity which is suitable for business foundation, fully prepared operation structure which bring out the maximum effect, core system composed of various technologies - UNIX server, WINDOWS server, DB server, storage and so on... In SystemSquare, our advanced professional engineers perfectly support important core systems for customers instead of them.

System operation management service menu

Basic operation/Operation running

    • 1. Server equipments/Peripheral devices operation and management

    • Power supply activation/disconnection
    • System start & stop
    • Scheduled task operation
    • Magnetic tape drive equipment and Printing equipment operation

Backup support

    • 1. Server equipment data storage management

    • Disk data backup and management
    • Saved data (Magnetic tape, DAT) storage/management
    • Backup scheduling/Plan adjustment
    • Distributed storage tape preparation and transfer

Asset management

    • 1. System asset management

    • Server equipment, terminal equipment organization and management
    • Network peripheral equipment management
    • Installed software type/version organization and management
    • Deployed software PTF operation and management
    • Deployed package software operation and management
    • Resource management document management

Equipment management

    • 1. Computer room equipment management

    • Computer and peripheral equipment supplies management
    • General paper/special paper receiving and keeping
    • General paper/special paper inventory management
    • Backup media receiving and keeping
    • Backup media receiving inventory management
    • 2. Terminal equipment management

    • Inventory tracking / Purchasing request to the center
    • Purchased items receiving / Inventory control

Image of System operation management