Infrastructure deployment

Server design configuration

We provide server configuration know-how with abundant experience accumulated.

Needless to say, LAN / WAN has become an indispensable infrastructure of business in recent years. There are many cases where client server systems are deployed not only in information sharing and communication tools but also in core business areas. A system that reflect the image of company/organization in real time is also integrated into the decision-making process. We SystemSquare feel proud to be a company with a rich experience in building client server systems which become more important, a company with not only accumulated know-how but also high ability to catch up with constantly changing technology.

Specifically, we demonstrate our strength in secure network solutions with high level of security and UNIX-based infrastructure technologies.

Network design/configuration

We accurately grasp the problems of the network and offer from analysis to solution suggestions.

In order to build a network system, we must have a thorough knowledge of the customer's business, accurately grasp the application and problems of the current network, as well as the technological skill to judge the economic efficiency, reliability, scalability, operability, safety, etc. in a comprehensive manner is essential.

We SystemSquare offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from network configuration to peration monitoring, performance survey, solution proposal according to the needs of customers.

Server/Network configuration service menu

Terminal deployment

    • 1. Architect design

    • Create implementation plan based on user survey
    • Design of implementation 1 (Network design/Equipments (devices) specification design)
    • Design of implementation 2 (Knitting/Individual setting)
    • 2. Specification design

    • Design of implementation 3 (Deployment design/On site deployment/Control operation)
    • Design of implementation 4 (Equipment management ledger/On site survey sheet)

Environment management

    • 1. Performance/Resource capacity management

    • Database management & Operating consideration
    • On-disk DB/File placement management and proper placement
    • Unused files scheduled clean-up
    • Resource management document management
    • 2. Network configuration management

    • Network equipment/environment management
    • Network information (IP address etc) management
    • Connected device's revision management and network registration management
    • 3. Network performance management

    • Performance management item setting
    • Monitoring and detecting fault by network monitoring device, performance evaluation
    • Performance evaluation, improvement idea consideration

Document preparation/management

    • 1. Operation document

    • Operation manual preparation/management
    • Address management ledger preparation/management
    • Network preparation layout plan
    • 2. Network document

    • Operation manual preparation/management
    • Address management ledger preparation/management
    • Network preparation layout plan
    • Fault management ledger preparation/management
    • 3. Others

    • Design document, Configuration document, Test specification (Result report), Others

Server/Network design/configuration case study

Many of our achievements are related to system deployment service.

Proactive dedicated network management is also one of our services.