Service concept

We provide consistent service from planning to follow-up service

Putting ourselves into customer's position, we always aim at easy and clear training/education. We provide our services in multi-field and multi-industry, such as skill-up training, newbie orientation ect for employees/staffs of companies and institutions.

Training/Education service menu


  • We make plan and create training/education curriculum at customers' request.
  • We make plan and create training/education schedule.

Various text preparation

  • We create various types of training/education textbooks.
  • We create operation manual for various types of applications, for example business, MS Office, etc...
  • We print and bind these documents according to customers' request.

Training/Education environment setup

  • We implement necessary environment for training/education. (Server, PC, network etc)
  • We install applications if needed.

Actual result in Training/Education

  • We prepare main instructor and sub instructor for training/education and provide the participants with easy-to-follow training/education programs.

Survey data collection/analysis

  • We give customers advices on training/education ahead based on the analysis result achieved.

Follow-up service (Helpdesk/Onsite)

  • We setup onsite/helpdesk system after training/education on demand and support until the system is stable.

Actual result in Training/Education

  • Electronic Health Record System operation training in national/city/prefectural hospitals
  • Medical system operation training in national/city/prefectural hospital
  • Local government business system operation training in Japanese leading companies
  • Health management system operation training in Japanese leading companies
  • TOrdering system operating training in Japanese leading companies
  • Municipality ICT training
  • Etc...