Experienced helpdesk

For questions/inquiry from office end-users, such as troubleshooting methods or operating methods of hardware/software, we SystemSquare answer accurately by telephone or e-mail on behalf of the information system division.

Helpdesk service menu

Customer support

    • 1. Service on processing requests

    • Accept processing requests and report processing result
    • 2. System user support service

    • Response to inquiry on How to use business applications
    • Response to inquiry on How to use/operate business devices
    • Consult on OA tool (Excel, Word, Access)

Fault management

  1. 1. Log collecting/analyzing/handling/reporting

    2. Equipment/Network trouble shooting

Merits of Helpdesk deployment

From the feature that the solution business is a single window service, we are implementing the most appropriate management schedule and personnel assignment in every services.

We can work closely together and provide cost-reduction by speedy information communication with close cooperation.

Image of Helpdesk deployment