Quality policy (ISO9001)

1. Philosophy

We constantly strive our best to achieve top-class quality, provide services that meet customers' requirements, and gain customers' trust.

2. Quality policies

To provide better quality services on an ongoing basis, we will adopt the following policies.

(1)Understand the market and customers' needs, strive to provide services in the pursuit of customers' satisfaction.

(2)Accurately implement the procedures of the quality management system, and constantly strive to improve efficiency through strict compliance with the PDCA cycle.

(3)In addition to preventing recurrence of problems, take preventive measures by analyzing issues and complaints.

(4)Strictly follow procedures and management rules at each phase of design and development, ensure timely delivery and quality.

(5)Constantly strive to improve technology and productivity, strengthen project management capacities, and provide services that satisfy customers.

(6)Strengthen collaboration with partner companies and establish partnerships.

Document preparation date: June 12, 2012

Final revision date: January 8, 2013

SystemSquare Corporation

Kiyoshi Koji, President